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Lavender soothes upset stomach, heart palpitations, arthritis, joint inflammation, insomnia, exhaustionmigraines, headaches, depression, anxiety and much more.

Lavender aromatherapy rejuvenates body, mind and spirit!

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The Art of Culinary Lavender

Culinary Lavender is dried edible lavender flowers grown free of chemicals and pollutants specifically for cooking and baking. Most edible lavender flowers come from Lavandin Provence Lavender used in Herbes de Provence to flavor savory dishes.

Culinary lavender adds a delightful and exotic flavor to any sweet or savory creation. It’s an amazing herb to have in your culinary herb collection. Follow these tips when cooking and baking with lavender:

1.   Always use organic culinary lavender.

2.   Use lavender as an infusion. Either lightly grind it with sugar for baked goods or mix it with a liquid such as cream or syrup.

3.   A little goes a long way. Use lavender sparingly. Its flavor is intense and can easily overwhelm baked goods or savory dishes.

4.   Pair lavender in baking, use it with Meyer lemon juice and zest.


The Healing Power of Lavender

About Me

My name is Ellie Lavender. founder & CEO of Lavender Design + Cuisine. I'm also a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Interior Designer, Vegetarian-Vegan Mediterranean Personal Chef, Culinary Instructor and Artisan Chocolatier.


My journey to Lavender Design + Cuisine began in 2009. I was working in high tech sales and commuting long hours every week day. One Saturday afternoon I attended a Feng Shui workshop. It was an experience that set in motion a series of cascading changes in my life. Inspired to pursue my life dreams, I left my job and started Lavender Design + Cuisine in 2011. 


I love empowering clients to enhance the quality of their lives through creating inspiring and harmonious living and working environments and by providing vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine. Contact me today for a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation to take the first step.